HF QRP Mini Linear Amplifier Portable

HF QRP Mini Linear Amplifier Portable
HF QRP Mini Linear Amplifier Portable HF QRP Mini Linear Amplifier Portable HF QRP Mini Linear Amplifier Portable
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OGS -50WHP Power Amplifier for many different transceivers like: FT-817, IC-703, IC-705, Elecraft KX3, XIEGU G90 + many others...



-50W optimal selection of power for field rack stations,great for QRP.

- Built-in TX/RX sensing circuit, no need for special PTT line, with signal input automatically switch to transmit mode upon transmitting.

- Built-in powerful cooling fan, the temperature reaches the set value automatically open cooling.

-Easy to carry mini size.



-Frequency range: 3.1MHz-21.5MHz

- Input power: 2-5W

- Input VSWR: ≤1.5@50Ω

- Maximum output power: 40-50W@13.8VDC

- Output impedance: 50Ω

- Supply voltage: 12-13.8VDC

-Current consumption: ≤10A

-Dimension: 88*38*120 (without protrusion) on

-Weight: approx. 300g


Attention:Before use, you need to determine the transmitting antenna impedance of 50Ω, SWR < 1.5. Otherwise, the power transmitter will be damaged due to the mismatch of transmitting impedance!


Instructions for use:

1, Connect the antenna to the ANT OUT connector;

2, Connect the Transceiver's Out to the Amplifier's RF IN connector;

3, Connect the DC power cable to the power socket of the amplifier, at this time the power indicator on the front panel is glowing;

4, Press the shortwave radio PTT transmit button, you can hear a relay clicking sound inside the amplifier, at this time the amplifier switch to TX mode, about 1 second after releasing the PTT button, there is a relay release sound, switch to RX mode.



- Please observe radio related laws and regulations to use this amplifier legally.

please follow the power supply positive and negative polarity symbols prompted on the rear panel wiring, not to reverse the power supply,, reverse power supply polarity 100% will damage the amplifier.


- When using manual antenna tuning, it is forbidden to tune the SWR while transmitting! Because this will easily damage the amplifier.


- Connect the radio station and antenna feed line before use, and finally connect the power.

- The input power must not be HIGHER THAN 5 WATTS, otherwise the amplifier will be damaged;

- This amplifier is designed to be portable and uses the housing for heat dissipation.

- The fan will be turned on when the amplifier case temperature reaches 50°C and turned off when it reaches 25°C. Therefore, please do not wrap the amplifier and leave enough space around the amplifier for heat dissipation;

- Due to the space limitation of the amplifier, there is no BPF inside the amplifier, so please be careful when using the amplifier in venues with high electromagnetic requirements;

- Do not use this amplifier in thunderstorm, and disconnect the antenna connector in thunderstorm;

- Do not disassemble the amplifier without permission, contact with the components on the circuit board of the amplifier in the transmitting state may cause high voltage electric shock.


Package included:

1 x OGS-50W HF Power Amplifier

1 x Power Cord


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