Vehicle Two Way Radio

Vehicle Two Way Radio
Vehicle Two Way Radio Vehicle Two Way Radio Vehicle Two Way Radio Vehicle Two Way Radio Vehicle Two Way Radio Vehicle Two Way Radio
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An excellent business two way mobile radio, complete with microphone, mounting bracket!

Vehicle UHF mobile two-way radio -  includes ( Up to 16 )  programmable frequencies.

Great communication for business...

Perfect for Farming, Deliveries, OFFICE Base Station

with Outside antenna we sell....

Great mobile, selection of 3 levels of talk power...



Antenna sold seperately or purchase a (Complete Radio with Vehicle Antenna Package we sell!)

Contact-us to order yours today!

Powerfull signal on UHF 40 Watt Solid Heat Sink built  - Easy Installation - 



If you're interested in a complete Vehicle Package ( Radio & Antenna &  Mount)  Add =  $70 more for a full kit costs $ 399.99.



Shipping to your door in 2 to 5 business days tracked business parcel.

We're situated 15 minutes from Orleans 10th Line Rd, East in Rockland..

For easy pick-up, let us know when you are available ( Date & Time) to drop by and get your goods, thus having to save you $$ on expensive shipping charge..



Either will get you one mobile two way transceiver , and one of the following:

A) Radio + Magnet Mount with Coaxial Cable + Vehicle Antenna


B) Radio + L-Shaped Stainless Bracket with coaxial cable & fitting + Antenna


If you require a Radio Antenna Package ( Your choice = A or B ) Please contact us by sending a message

via the Front Page's bottom (Contact-Us) to send your request or Call us and leave msg at : 1-613-419-1284



Finally this mobile Transceiver can be installed as a (BASE) Station by adding the following:

  • Transceiver Radio
  • A DC Power Supply ( Plugs into 120 Volts AC do convert into 13.8Volts DC to power Transceiver..
  • A Base Station Antenna ( You can choose from 2 types ) a directional one ( sends your signal in 1 direction but very far in an pointed area.) or an ALL Around one 360 degrees..which covers all around you, with a bit less distance than the directional.
  • Finally , we can sell you very low loss coaxial cable to connect from Radio all the way to top of the outside antenna .
  • NOTE: when you measure the length you need in coax cable , it's always good to add an extra 10% more in case you decide to move position in the room later, you'll need bit more coax if you ever do that, so add  a bit more..


  • Peppers Radio Communication Canada




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