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CB Amplifier model 200 Watts
            Solid State High Frequency AM-FM-S..
CB Amplifier model 300 Watts
        Item Description: Frequency Range: 3-30Mhz Power Suppl..
CB Amplifier Model 300 Watts Plus (FAN)
    Item Description: Exact model as the BJ-300 BUT This plus model has an automa..
CB Anytone At-5555N Programming USB to Radio Cable
Peppers Radio is powered by Opencart™ Peppers Radio Communication 2023   ..
CB External Mobile Radio Speaker
8 OHMS NOMINAL 6 WATTS - MAXIMUM 12 WATTS MINI-SIZE SIZE:  10.8cm X 10.8 cm X 6cm /// ..
Glows in the dark, when you transmit..picks up the RF VOLTAGE at the TIP OF YOUR ANTENNA.. THE mo..
CB Power Supply DC 12.5V /18 Amps
  I personally used this type of power supply for my CB Base station, which required only 2...
TUBES 6JE6 / 6LQ6 Linear Amplifiers Units
TUBES: 6JE6 - 6LQ6  available (  RF Power Tubes for linear amplifiers in stock!) U..
CB Power Supply DC 13.8 Volts - 40 Amps.
  Brand New 40A power supply..   High Current ( voltage adjustable 12.0/15.8VDC))..
Power Supply CB 13.8 VDC @ 50 Amp.
    With a 50 Amps output/ 600 Watts  , this unit craves to power your hig..
Power Supply 13.8VDC @ 33 Amps.
Yaesu , Anytone , Ranger , All CB Radio = DC 33 Amp switching power supplies with ( Variab..
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