Warranties & Programming and Repairs

1.  If you have any questions, please ask before you buy any products or services from Peppers Radio Communication.


All our (USED) items are sold (As is!) with no warranties whatsoever!.


We do not repair radio equipment.


Please see a local communication repair business. We only provide choices in products by selling them.




Radios purchased from us, can receive  complementary re-programming anytime in the future by providing their PAID receipt (dated) with the actual product on it.

All other ( non purchased from Peppers Radio Communication ) shall be charged the standard rate below, to cover our computer programming work and time..

Charges to program a non-purchased radio from Peppers Radio Communication is:

Portable Radio $ 10.00 each for any type we can program.

Mobile Radios $ 25.00 each per mobile



All charges are taxable with HST 13% Good & Services Tax (GST!)




MOST of ALL our products are under the warranty of the item's actual manufacture and not with Peppers Radio Communication.We are not an authorized repair depot and nor have we any repair facilities.

As an online retail store , we sell new products which carry the manufacturer warranty , and some used without!


Radio body carry a 1 year manufacture warranty , but accessories , like chargers, adaptors ,drop-in cradle  and rechargeable batteries carry only a 30 day warranty.Verify your manual's warranty information.



In most cases, the shipping costs to return small items back to China via the postal system outweight the purchase cost of a new one, due to our very low prices and great selection.


All used items are sold as final sale and NO returns to Peppers Radio Communication...




Peppers Radio Communication is not responsible in any way,shape or form , with the way and uses of your communication devices.

The buyer is responsible to make certain all laws , permits ,licence and proper use is done with their equipment purchased from us.


We take no responsibility on your your personal action's uses.


If you require to have your radios re-programmed you may drop-off & pick-up your equipment OR mail them to us!

All return outbound shipping must be paid by the owner!























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