Why are Walkie-Talkies best mode of communication


Are you planning to go for a hiking or camping trip this year, or looking for an efficient method of communication for your Business, Retail Store etc....Walkie-Talkies are your best choice, keeping in mind the numerous features it offers to uplift the whole experience of the user.....

PEPPERS RADIO COMMUNICATION, offers you our best wireless walkie-talkies and here are some features which makes two-way handheld radios the best mode of Communication.


In some situations, communication can be very critical aspect in terms of security, customer service,and achieving the best result..Any organization serving customers needs a fast & reliable source of communication, to ensure quality services or to act upon any incident happening near them.

FOR EXAMPLE: In the case of an emergency in an organization, the security team has to be alert and must act actively within a few seconds, so it is crutial to be equipped with a real time communication system.



Peppers Radio's premium quality walkie-talkies are great for use by security, maintenance and managers considering their size, design and lightweight body. These two-way portables come with the push-to talk feature which makes  it the simplest mode of communication

These features are going to provide you with great benefits by saving a lot of your employee's time as they do not have to leave their work station to communicate with others..

Or being a traveler, many times you will find yourself in areas with NO CELL PHONE NETWORK SERVICES, in such situations, walkie-talkies work perfectly!



While managing the operations of your business, you need to lower costs as much as possible and investing in two way tradios can prove to be much, much cheaper than any other modes of communication


You are not limited to talk with a single person with our portable two way radios, you can make a group conversation as well. We can program your radios with multiple channels, some for individuals, others for group talk..you decide...


You do not need technical knowledge to operate a handheld walkie-talkie, just a few buttons..that's it!


This simple , easy to use tool, can boost the efficienty and effectiveness of your business today.

Having the tools to instantly communication between you and your employees shall improve the quality of your work and business. It let's you do and take instant actions as per the situation requires it.

So, thanks for reading up on this information, and remember, Peppers Radio Communication is your local, one stop shop for excellent  two way portable and also fantastic MOBILE two way radios..

We also program your new units, with your OWN PRIVATE FREQUENCY CHANNELS, so peace of mind , no interference or onlisteners.. 

We carry our products in stock, no waiting, shipping same day in most cases. High power , medium or low power handheld units are available, but we will examine your use and reccomend what's best for you..

Peppers Radio Communication, is a small Eastern Ontario two way radio business,to who we allready furnish businesses like: highway traffic control, schools, hotels, security firms, contruction, farming & more.

Contact me directly, for a free quote..


Call me at -> 613-419-1284 GERRY CHARRON ( Owner/ Manager)



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