Ensures privacy via a closed network                                                                  Exposes callers via open network

Increases efficiency with prompt one-to-many communication                            Decreases productivityby limiting communication to either one to one person at a time

Offers excellent reception and wide coverage                                                      Prone to dead spots and poor reception

Works even in times of emergencies and natural disasters                                  Subject to outages from call overload, power failures and natural disasters

Effective in highly noisy environments                                                                Ineffective in highly noisy environments

Helps to protect workers with safety features                                                       Void of safety features

Ruggedly built for work environments                                                                Too fragile for work environments

Accelerates response by instantly connecting people                                         Delays response by taking more than a minute to connect

Offers long life cycle support                                                                             Offers short life cycle support

Saves money : NO Monthly Fees                                                                        Costs money every month to use



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