Broadcast FM TRANSMITTER for the FM-Stereo ( 88 - 108 MHZ) Brand NEW!

Broadcast FM TRANSMITTER for the FM-Stereo ( 88 - 108 MHZ) Brand NEW!
Broadcast FM TRANSMITTER for the FM-Stereo ( 88 - 108 MHZ) Brand NEW! Broadcast FM TRANSMITTER for the FM-Stereo ( 88 - 108 MHZ) Brand NEW! Broadcast FM TRANSMITTER for the FM-Stereo ( 88 - 108 MHZ) Brand NEW!
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HIGH POWER FM STEREO TRANSMITTER - Perfect for schools or remote northern far communities - Broadcast your signal and news/music locally in your village..


The product's Body is made of high-grade quality aluminum, which also acts like a heat-sink for power amplifier RD06HVF1,

Front Screen has beautifull blue backlight LCD to display five digits of frequency , easy programmable from 88.1 up to 107.9 Mhz...

The motherboard is equiped with chip BH1415F, which is the new-generation integrated NC FM stereo radio chip by ROHM, built-in PLL frequency, audio pre-emphasis, limiter and low pass filter circuit. Make sound more clearer and pure.. .The control board is designed with high performance MCU STC series.Its performance is better than AT89C2051.
It can easy broadcast anywhere you want, home , apartment ,church ,school , club, camping , backyard , resident village. This Broadcast Transmitter  is a plug and play design, very easy to use , as you could see you could use it at instant.

Functions :

1.Production of high-quality aluminum alloy chassis, LCD display frequency, power, volume, size.
2.Japan ROHM motherboard for the next-generation integrated NC FM stereo radio transmitter chip, built-in PLL frequency PLL, audio pre-emphasis, limiter and low pass filter circuit. Make sound more sweet.
3.Overall shielding good, compact structure, small size, appearance generous.
4.Vehicle, mobile and Base station FM stereo broadcasting uses..


Operating voltage: DC12V
Maximum Operating Current: 2.5A
Frequency Range: 88MHz ~ 108MHz
Frequency stepping: 100 KHz
Frequency stabilization mode: PLL
RF output impedance: 50 Ohm
RF output power: 15 Watts - Good coverage up to 15KM++
Maximum Deviation: ± 75KHz
Audio Frequency Response: 80Hz ~ 15000Hz
Audio Input Interface: 3.5mm headphone connector
MIC Input Level:-15dbV (Max: - 45dbV)
MIC input: 3.5mm headphone connector (just for electret MIC, not moving coil MIC)
Stereo Separation: better than -50dB
SNR: 65db
Antenna Interface: BNC
Reference range: 100m-1.7km with a back of the unit small antenna ; 1-15 Km with an outside ground plane antenna ( the higher , the better distance!)


1×CZH-15A FM Transmitter Silver




Professional Portable Stereo Broadcasting Transmitter with 15 Watts of output Power , will get you easily up to 15+ Kilometers with a good high point antenna.


Open-air broadcasting/communication: Car Shows, Fairs, Carnivals, Firework Shows, Concerts, Outdoor Events (Fishing, Marathons, Walkathons, Motorsports)

Portable broadcasting: Sporting Events, Weddings, Music DJs

Drive-by Broadcasting: Christmas Displays, Mobile Billboards, Home/Real Estate Sales, Scenic/Historical Informative Tours

Permanent broadcasting: Churches (Hearing Disabled/Multi-Bilingual Communication, Remote Listening Solutions), Homes (broadcast your music throughout your whole house/whole yard–for real!), Businesses/Schools (communicate across long ranges, communicate/market to your customers in the parking lot)

* Transmit range can be greatly affected by Antenna Tuning and Environmental Factors.


ST-15B Professional stereo FM  transmitter broadcast 80 ~ 15000Hz audio frequency

  • Description:

  • This product uses the advanced intelligent microcomputer control and phase locked loop frequency synthesis technology, completely solve  the general equipment tuning bandwidth and frequency stability constraints, with  clear sound quality, convenient control, frequency high output precision,  adjustable frequency range. 


  • Note: this product can not work alone, need to match the antenna and the power  adapter, otherwise it will damage the transmitter unit.


  • Characteristics:
    1.Working frequency can be set arbitrarily, can according to customer  requirements change frequency thereof such as 88-108MHZ
    2.LCD liquid crystal display, light blue background
    3 audio input ( Audio+Mic ), two input volume adjustable
    4 auto save working frequency, transmitter boot will automatically jump to a  time before shutdown frequency
    5.PLL professional PLL, frequency 100% drift

  • Technical index:
    1.Power supply voltage: 12V
    2.Working current: 4A 
    3.frequency range: 88-108Mhz 
    4. frequency step value : 100kHz
    5. frequency stabilization method: PLL 
    6. frequency stability: + 10ppm ( - 10 C+60 C)
    7. FM deviation: = + 75kHz ( 100%)
    8 working mode: continuous work
    9.clutter and harmonic: < - 60dB
    10.SNR: = 60dB
    11 stereo separation: - 50dB
    12: 80 ~ 15000Hz audio frequency 
    13. Audio distortion: < 2%, 
    14 tone system: 15%
    15 input level: - 15dBV ( adjustable )
    16 output impedance: 50 ohm
    17 RF power output: 15 Watts
    18.Reference distance: 2Km - 15Km ( open )
    19.Machine size: 180*120*45MM(LWH)
    20.Machine weight: 600g,









Features :

     Phase Lock Loop (PLL) System
      Easily choose your frequency LCD and buttons
      Freq range :88 MHz~108MHz
      Power :15watts
      Ripple or harmonic waves: <= -60dB
      Tuning Step : 100khz
      Stability of Frequency: ±5ppm Less than 10ppm ( better system)
      Freq. Response:  -55dB(100~5000Hz); -45dB(5000 ~ 15000Hz )
      Audio Input Connector: 3.5mm headphone connector
      Microphone jack;it can be connected wih the microphone
      BNC Type antenna output
      Reduced harmonic ( clean signal )



      1 X 15W V1.0 FM transmitter

Do you wanna a stereo FM  transmitter with professional quality? 

This FM stereo transmitter, uses advanced modulation system and Phase Lock Loop to control a precise frequency when transmitting.


New low noise system is used to reduce the noise level during broadcasting time.


A digital stereo system is used and control the stereo separation at great condition.with  a high gain antenna ,it can easy broadcast anywhere you want, home , apartment  ,church ,school , club, camping , backyard , resident village.This Broadcast Package is plug and Play design, very easy to use , as you could see you could use it at you really could enjoy the stereo transmitter!


Note: The antenna is NOT included and should be purchased seperatly or made from internet schematics and plans easily!!


* Connect antenna first before connecting transmitter to DC supply, otherwise, transmitter will be burned out.


How far(long) the transmitter cover? 

The transmission range depends on many factors. The true distance is based on the sensitivity of the receiver, antenna of the receiver, and the building and other obstructions, which are between the transmitter and receiver. And the distance will much more in countryside. 





The use of any transmtter radio wave type equipment is the responsability of it's user and NOT Peppers Radio Communication ) In other words, you are responsible what you do with this, and NOT us!!!)  All uses of any transmitter communication equipment are the sole responsibility of the user .






Requires a external antenna ( see photos) ...Do not operate without one!



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