Baofeng Dual-Band Analog/DMR excellent sound quality radio kits

Baofeng Dual-Band Analog/DMR  excellent sound quality radio kits
Baofeng Dual-Band Analog/DMR  excellent sound quality radio kits Baofeng Dual-Band Analog/DMR  excellent sound quality radio kits Baofeng Dual-Band Analog/DMR  excellent sound quality radio kits Baofeng Dual-Band Analog/DMR  excellent sound quality radio kits Baofeng Dual-Band Analog/DMR  excellent sound quality radio kits Baofeng Dual-Band Analog/DMR  excellent sound quality radio kits
Brand: Baofeng
Product Code: DM8HX
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SPECIAL - BUY 6 of these and receive a Large 6 BAY Commercial Charger and power supply - See under digital radios..
Characterized by attractive appearance,solidness, durability, loud voice, excellent performance, perfection and value, this two-way radio is manually adjustable, all-weather digital two-way radio with 128 channes, lattice LCD, English and Chinese voice prompts, ect.

Frequency range: VHF: 136-174MHz/UHF: 400-480MHz(Dual Band)
Storage channel: 128 groups
Stepped frequency: 2.5/5/6.25/10/12.5/20/25kHz
Operating voltage: DC7.4V(Rechargeable lithium battery)
Frequency stability: ± 1.5ppm
Operating temperature: -20°C~+50°C
Operating mode: same-frequency simple or diiferent-frequency simplex
Antenna impedance: 50Ω
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Output power: 5W/1W
Modulation(wideband/narrowband): Analog: 16K¢F3E/11 K¢F3E; Digital: 4FSK
Maximum frequency deviation(wideband/narrowband): ≤5KHz/≤2.5KHz
FSK allowable error rate: ≤3%
Spurious power: ≤7.5uW
Adjacent channel power: ≤-65dB/≤-60dB
Signal to nosie ratio(wideband/narrowband): ≥-45dB/≥-40dB
CTCSS/DCS frequency deviation(wideband/narrowband): 0.7±0.1KHz/0.4±0.1KHz
Modulation sensitivity: 8-12mV
Transmitting current: ≤1.5A
Analog sensitivity: -122dBm(12dB SINAD)
Digital sensitivity: -120dBm(BER≤5%)
Audio power: 1W
Audio distortion: <10%
Intermodulation(wideband/narrowband): ≥62dB/≥58dB
Adjacent channel selectivity(wideband/narrowband): ≥65dB/≥60dB
Receiving current: ≤380mA
Package Included:
1 x Antenna
1 x Headset
1 x Battery
1 x Intelligent seat type Charger(We will send you a plug adapter according to your country.)
1 x Power Adaptor
1 x Belt Clip
1 x Hand Strap
1 x User Manual





  • DMR Digital / Analog Portable Transceiver
  • Crystal Clear Call Quality
  • Dual Band Repeater
  • VHF/UHF 136-174/400-480Mhz
  • Li-Ion 1800mAH Rechargeable Battery
  • High /Low power (5Watts/1Watts)
  • 128 channels can programmed in it
  • Great Range in Analogue OR Digital ( This radio can do both)
  • 21CM Dual Band Antenna
  • 8-Level Stepped Frequency Selection
  • Auto power saving function,super-long standby
  • 14 hours usage time, up to 30 hours of standby time
  • Emergency Alarm
  • Flashlight
  • Individual/Group/All Call
  • Walkie-Talkie Detection
  • Compatible with Digital And Analog Systems


Package include:

1 X Baofeng DM-8HX DMR Portable radio

1 X Antenna Dual Band Rubber Duck type

1 X Li-ion 1800mA battery pack

1 X LI-ion charger craddle

1 X Belt clip

1 X Sling / Wrist Strap

1 X Earphone

1 X User´s manual




Bright new Star in the Radio World , setting new Standards in excellent : DIGITAL DMR & Analogue RADIO  -

THE ALL NEW BAOFENG DM-8HX PORTABLE complete Dual Band radio kit with all accessories plus a large capacity battery


SCANNER LISTENER PROOF RADIOS - Radio Scanners cannot hear these radio's communication words between your group - EXTREMELY PRIVATE COMMUNICATIONS (Guaranteed!)


With this two way portable , NO MORE EVER < Noise and Static >  in your 2 way transmissions talks.. Crystal CLEAR DIGITAL communication is HERE Canada!!

The new Baofeng Digital Radio DM-8HX comes without any noise on the air. It great Helps your connection between you and your family or friends during the travel, fishing, hunting, farm work, off-roading and so on. Never again any static or noise..guaranteed!!


Are you tired of the low battery problem during the long trip two way radio talks?

Included with the digital radio DM-8HX ia a High Capacity 3800mAh high density battery. Standby time more than 40hours ( 2 days!!)

Moreover, DM-8HX 25% battery saving compared to the analog radios.


Do you want to try high-tech digital radios while hate the boring thick user manual?

Our digital radio DM-8HX is as easy to use , all menu driven options ...(no need to reading the user manual) just like like all the UV5R's models!! 

This simplex DMR radio decent for basic usage and more than half the price of any competitor's units with all same functions...


Do you want to use the digital radios while not missing the calls from your friends who are using the analogue radios?

Here digital radio DM-8HX can satisfy you. Even though maybe part of your friends are using the analogue radios, some other part of your friends are using the DMR Tier I radios, you will not miss any of the calls from all the friends.

Do you want to buy digital radios while the cost too high for your budget?

Here Baofeng DM-8HX is only 1/2 cost of the market other brand digital radios.

Moreover, the program cable, microphone speaker and all the other accessories for DM-8HX are the same with UV-5R’s and we have these all in stock NOW!!


That will help save a lot of your money.







Brand NEW Commercial DIGITAL DMR ( DM-8HX) portables have arrived in CANADA and as an Authorized Distributor from Baofeng, Peppers Radio Communication is PROUD to offer these great new models on the market!

Each unit comes with : Radio DMR/ANALOG , Large Capacity rechargeable dock and side Lithium Ion Battery , CAR Charger cable , Dual-Band Antenna , Charger Base complete with international voltage adaptor 100 volts to 240 Volts , Belt Clip , Earpiece , Wrist Strap and the Baofeng Commercial Digital User's Manual.



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