VHF Linear ( 150-170Mhz) commercial band amplifier

VHF Linear ( 150-170Mhz) commercial band amplifier
VHF Linear ( 150-170Mhz) commercial band amplifier VHF Linear ( 150-170Mhz) commercial band amplifier VHF Linear ( 150-170Mhz) commercial band amplifier
Brand: HYS
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Designed to amplify hand held VHF Walkie Talkies

for more range and power....

50 Watts of VHF Power with this mini VHF Amplifier ...



Crank-Up the power on your Handheld Radio to 40-50Watts ..


The HYS TC-150V RF amplifier is designed to boost your handheld's radio by more than 10 times.. on the VHF radio band. Small and compact , the unit is self operating on 12 volts DC..


Has a built-in RF sensing which activates the internal relay to amplifiy your handheld's radio signal up to 40 - 50 times the input. Tested and here's what we found using a Boafeng portable UV5R with 1.2 watts (LOW POWER) to the amplifier:

Frequency Tests:

168 Mhz = 47 Watts

165 Mhz = 52 Watts

160 Mhz = 40 Watts      

152 Mhz = 44 Watts

146 Mhz = 45 Watts




The amplifier is labeled from 150 to 160 Mhz and it does operate very well above and below that said band up to 10Mhz wideband.. so it does 2 meters and also the 152+ Mhz bands.. great little unit.

Using this on 2 meters with a small handheld will provide you 40+ Watts or more , perfect for hitting to repeaters far away.

The unit is extremely small and compact  < 5 X 5 X 1/1/2" > < 12 cm X 12 cm x 4 cm> with heat sink all around it.

It requires a good 13.8 VDC source with at least 10 Amps to get that power out. Only 1 to 4 w max input is required to get full output.

More power input than advertised, can lead to malfunction and possibly the destruction of the RF Final output Transistor, so use LOW power ALLWAYS.. 

Brand New in the box , we have them in stock , ready to ship anywhere in Canada.


The enclosed document reads " Electronic switch. Inversion polarity protection.


12 months warranty from the manufacture and not the seller except the final transistor is NOT warrantied!...


Model TC-150V from HYS Electronics ASIA. Includes a full schematic diagram & assembly photos.




Key Specifications / Features

Technical Specifications:
1. Frequency: 150 - 160 MHZ 
2. Frequency space: 10 MHz WideBand
3. Supply: 12-14 Vcc.
4. Input energy/power: 8-11 A.
5. Input power: 3.0-5.0 W.
6. Output power: PE MAX 50W.
7. Output power: level 1.
8. Size: 12×12×4 cm.
9. Weight: 550 g

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