Power Gate Battery RELAY Backup Auto DC Switch System

Power Gate Battery RELAY Backup Auto DC Switch System
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Our simple design makes this unit works perfect..

Professionally made with 6 Anderson Power Poles,




Wire Anderson Power Poles SetUp:

Blue Wire to : LOAD (Radio etc..)

Yellow Wire to: 12 Volt Power Supply

Red Wire to: Battery


How it Works..

Plug your regular Power Supply in the (Yellow) wires , Your Load (Radio etc..) into the ( Blue ) wires and finally , connect a external Battery Backup supply to the (Red) wires.


Automatic , when the House power is shut OFF, the relay triggers the power direct from the Battery so there's no BREAK in the system. When the House power comes back ON , the relay reverses the process and jumps from the Battery to the Mains Power.. Fully Automatic to use.. No maintenance needed .. Up to 30 Amps of current per unit.. 





DC Relay Specs

Rating:  12 - 13.8 Volts  DC
Type: SPDT:  Single Pole Double Throw
Coil  Resistance: 90  Ohms
Coil  Inductance 0.8Henry
Dielectric  Strength: 500V  RMS
Electrical  Life: Quality  tested to 100,000 cycles at 40A, 10 Million operations
Temperature  Range -40°C  ~ 125°C
Initial  Operating Data 7  milliseconds


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