TYT TC-8000 10W UHF Communication Handheld

TYT TC-8000 10W UHF Communication Handheld
TYT TC-8000 10W UHF Communication Handheld TYT TC-8000 10W UHF Communication Handheld TYT TC-8000 10W UHF Communication Handheld TYT TC-8000 10W UHF Communication Handheld TYT TC-8000 10W UHF Communication Handheld TYT TC-8000 10W UHF Communication Handheld TYT TC-8000 10W UHF Communication Handheld TYT TC-8000 10W UHF Communication Handheld
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TC-8000 is a stylish and multi-functional two way radio, it adopts hi-tech and well circuit desigh, marking it high penetration and bringing you clear voice even you are in the basement. with its ultra-long standby time, it is convenient and efficient for mining area and hotel. And with its whisper function, you don't need to speak loudly to the speaker, your partner an still hear you clearly.

It is well-received with stylish humanized design, compact size, fully functional, and flexible operation. And with its Chinese/English voice prompt, it is easy for you to use it.

More fantastic function, TC-8000 will take you to enjoy i


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Our products are widely used in the Ottawa area construction sites, supermarkets, hotels, public safety, warehousing and logistics industries. We cater to all...

SCRAMBLER FUNCTION: Scrambler function is a kind of voice encryption, but different from CTCSS with anti-interference. If scrambled differently, other machine can only receive your signals, but can not hear clearly what you say (with anti-frequency monitor). When scrambler function is allowed, TX voice will be sent out with scrambler just by pressing the key. And other radio can only receive the signal unless she is also under scrambler mode. You can encipher your voice in this way.


If you're into construction, farming, ,security, police , firefighting, warehouse ,dock ,outside or inside ,these high power ( 10 Watts ) portables talk better and much further.           We've sold to Industries, Hotels , Farming and more locally in Ottawa Ont. They LOVE this radio.. 

They can also be used for personal uses like at the cottage or hunting/fishing , snowmobiling , on the hills , in the field in or outside.


Today , almost everyone owns a cell phone or smart phone, but sometimes these phones are not the best choices for business communication among co-workers. Two way radios are convenient , affordable, dependable and an extremely exceptional business communication tool that will keep co-workers in constant communication without worrying about cell phone signal strength or data plans.

With two-way radios, no number has to be dialed to reach anyone , instead communication is achieved with a simple press of a button. This instant means of communication is perfect for small and medium businesses that benefit from being able to communicate with each other on a daily basis to help get the tasks done promptly and accurately.



PC Programmable to your frequency ( included with your purchase and free to re-program ) 

16 different channels on UHF ( 400 - 470 Mhz) - 

2 power levels ( 5 watts or 10 watts ) selectable with a side button.

Rugged , easy to use , fantastic audio and range

Big savings in costs , compared to buy a Motorola ,Icom or other high end radios ( Also you own them) no renting!

Comes with a 1 year manufacture's warranty 

Optional (Speaker Microphone Heavy duty) rainproof available and /or extra high capacity Li-Ion battery, Car adaptor or even nice leather case..


 Extra Batteries are available at only $25 each , in case you need be to have some extra reserve power!



Each radio (KIT) include your transceiver , large capacity battery , drop in radio charger unit , rubber type antenna and manual. Everything is mint new.

We program your business radios to your frequencies , just tell me which one(s) you'd like , no problems , we do it !!

Model TC-8000 10 Watts radios from TYT Electronics, Peppers Radio is the TYT's Official proud distributor from Eastern Ontario Canada.




Peppers Radio Communication is an Authorized TYT Electronics Canadian 2 Way Radio seller.


Peppers Radio Communication Caters to these sectors:

Federal ,Provincial and Municipal

Public Utilities ( Oil - Gas - Electric - Water )

Public Transportation

Law Enforcement Agencies

Fire Departments

Emergency Medical Services

Disaster Relief Organizations

Security Agencies

Private Utilities

Fleet Management and other Transportation sector

Construction - Farming - Manufacturing

Management of Building and Facilities

Hotels and Motels  and many others .....


Peppers Radio Communication is happy to accept your Visa/MasterCard for payment with a small 4% extra charge.


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