Business Dual-Band ( VHF and UHF in 1 Radio)

Business Dual-Band ( VHF and UHF in 1 Radio)
Business Dual-Band ( VHF and UHF in 1 Radio) Business Dual-Band ( VHF and UHF in 1 Radio) Business Dual-Band ( VHF and UHF in 1 Radio) Business Dual-Band ( VHF and UHF in 1 Radio) Business Dual-Band ( VHF and UHF in 1 Radio)
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CE Approved - These are Dual Commercial look portables!

136~174MHz & 400~470MHz dual band professional two way radio, 96 channels

The three- dimension protective structure makes the battery connecting more tighten

Meets IP67 standards waterproof structure

Connection any structure to 1+1 smart chargers

Dual band, 96 channels

Meets IP67 standards waterproof structure

1+1 smart chargers

Three- dimension protective structure

Emergency Alarm Function (TOT (Time-out timer))

High/Low Power Switchable (PC Programmable)

Wide Channel spacing: 12.5K /25K (Monitor)

Auto Battery Save ( CTCSS-50/CDCSS-105)

VOX (Ending sound silence)

Low Battery Alert (Squelch level 0-9 adjustable)

Busy Channel Lockout ( Channel Scan)

Wire Cloning

CE Dual band LT-558UV vertex two way radio battery


Frequency Range VHF:136-174MHz & UHF:400-470MHz
Channel No. 96Channel
Channel Spacing 12.5/25KHz
Voltage 7.5V
Battery 1600mAh(Li-Ion)
Frequency Stabilization ±2.5ppm
Operating Temperature Range -20°C~+55°C
Antenna Impedance 50
Dimensions(H*W*D) 119mm(H)× 53mm(W)× 32 mm(D)
Weight(including antenna, battery) 210g
RF Power Output 5W
Modulation Type F3E
Spuirous and Harmonic ≤ -60dB
Residual Radiation ≤ -40dB
Modulation Distortion ≤5%
Maximum Frequency Deviation ±5KHz
Sensitivity ≤0.2µV
Modulatioin Band ±5KHz
Adjacent Channel Selectivity ≥70dB
Intermodulation Anti-interference ≥65dB
Spurious Response Rejection ≥70dB
Rated Audio Output Power ≥500mW
Rated Audio Distortion ≤5%




The KP-558UV can accomodate (UHF 400-470Mhz) and the (VHF 136-174Mhz) ( BOTH Radio Bands into ONE handheld piece)

You can operate GMRS (Business Band in UHF) and also have MURS ( Business VHF Band ) with the flick of a button..


Programmable anywhere in both bands with your choices of frequencies these units are easy for anyone to operate.

Top performing in Two Radio bands, commercially designed ruggedness at extreme low cost.. Excellent value for your dollar ..

You can change bands from VHF to UHF at the click of a knob for better coverage. These portable actually do BOTH (VHF and UHF) in a Commercial Handheld package!!

Note that  VHF is a (Better) frequency on an open terrain or water depending on your location,and UHF is better in the woods, outdoors or in the city with concrete and metal surrounding like in a warehouse , city buildings , large complexes..


KP - 558/UV DUAL-BAND BUSINESS TYPE - Portable Business 2 Way radio.-




1. Emergency Alarm Function 
2. TOT (Time-out timer)
3. High/Low Power Switchable
4. PC Programmable
5. Wide Channel spacing: 12.5K /25K 
6. Monitor
7. Auto Battery Save
8. CTCSS-50/CDCSS-105
9. VOX
10. Ending sound silence
11. Low Battery Alert 
12. Squelch level 0-9 adjustable
13. Busy Channel Lockout 
14. Channel Scan


    Frequency Range    136~174MHz and 400~470MHz
    Channel No.    96
    Channel Spacing    12.5/25 kHz
    Frequency Stabilization    ±2.5ppm
    Operating Temperature Range    -20°C~+55°C
    Voltage    7.5v
    Battery    1600mAh Li-ion
    Dimensions(H*W*D)    119mm (H)*53mm (W) *32mm (D)
    Antenna Impedance    50Ω


    Transmitter Specs:

    RF Power Output    5/4 Watts VHF/UHF
    Modulation Type    F3E
    Clutter and Harmonic    ≤ -60dB
    Residual Radiation    ≤ -40dB
    Modulation Distortion    ≤5%
    Maximum Frequency Deviation    ±5kHz

    Receiver Specs:   

    Sensitivity    ≤0.2µV
    Modulatioin Band    ±5kHz
    Adjacent Channel Selectivity    ≥70dB
    Intermodulation Immunity    ≥65dB
    Spurious Response Rejection    ≥70dB
    Rated Audio Output Power    ≥500mW
    Rated Audio Distortion    ≤5%
    Rated Audio Distortion     ≤5%


Peppers Radio Communication is an Authorized KingPo Electronics Canadian 2 Way Radio seller.


Peppers Radio Communication Caters to these sectors:

Federal ,Provincial and Municipal

Public Utilities ( Oil - Gas - Electric - Water )

Public Transportation

Law Enforcement Agencies

Fire Departments

Emergency Medical Services

Disaster Relief Organizations

Security Agencies

Private Utilities

Fleet Management and other Transportation sector

Construction - Farming - Manufacturing

Management of Building and Facilities

Hotels and Motels  and many others .....


Peppers Radio Communication is happy to accept your Visa/MasterCard for payment with a small 4% extra charge.



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