Commercial 10W VHF Hand-Held Radios

Commercial 10W VHF Hand-Held Radios
Commercial 10W VHF Hand-Held Radios Commercial 10W VHF Hand-Held Radios Commercial 10W VHF Hand-Held Radios Commercial 10W VHF Hand-Held Radios Commercial 10W VHF Hand-Held Radios Commercial 10W VHF Hand-Held Radios Commercial 10W VHF Hand-Held Radios Commercial 10W VHF Hand-Held Radios Commercial 10W VHF Hand-Held Radios Commercial 10W VHF Hand-Held Radios Commercial 10W VHF Hand-Held Radios
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Business Band - VHF Radio Band  - Portables - Programmable to 16 Channels

Note: The marine band is also located in the VHF Band along with most others who need distance over an open terrain with few obstacles. VHF is the way to go.

If you're into bush and hills, please consider to go UHF band model, it has with a shorter wavelengh and much more and better distance and better penetration in the surrounding outside or inside elements. 


Will provide you line of sight <CLEAR FM Two-Way COMMUNICATION>





JT-568plus Business Radio Features:


Frequency range:    VHF



Output RF Power :    (Variable) with three (3) different adjustments levels of power at the push of a side button.


ALSO , GREAT SECURITY (Scrambler) can be programmed upon purchase with each Radios  =  function  at the push of a button = SECURE UNLISTENED TRANSMISSIONS  = (Encrypts your transmission-side button)

SCRAMBLER FUNCTION: Scrambler function is a kind of voice encryption, but different from CTCSS with anti-interference. If scrambled differently, other machine can only receive your signals, but can not hear clearly what you say (with anti-frequency monitor). When scrambler function is allowed, TX voice will be sent out with scrambler just by pressing the key. And other radio can only receive the signal unless she is also under scrambler mode. You can encipher your voice in this way.

50 groups CTCSS/ 2X104 groups DCS

Emergency alarm

VOX hand-free talking

English language voice

DTMF ANI encoder

DTMF remote stun    

SOS signal transmitting

VOX level adjustable ( 0—9 level)

Very High-capacity polymer High Capcity - 4600mAh   ( 4.6 Amp Battery)    Lithium - Ion Fully rechargeable battery  to provide very long lasting use in the field!



These portables look great ,are rugged  and strong with reliable performance,!!! Our best VHF HIGH POWER RADIOS ..


The JT568 PLUS is certified to standards that meet the US FCC, MIL-STD-810F "     ( MILITARY STANDARDS)   "    

International certification standards for design and production,

Tested to high-temperature, low temperature, humidity, vibration, dust and shocks.

All units include a radio belt clip and a wrist strap inside..
The JT-568 is a VHF transceiver with a very special series (high capacity 4.8Amps) battery.
Designed for most tough environments , they make the perfect radio for outside construction work ,farming , hunting and camping or just plain point to point communication with NO cellular air time..

Product Name:  proficient < JT-568 PLUS >    handheld walkie talkies two way radio

Product Function Brief: 

1. Outpower : Variable Low or High

2. Includes our newest 4800mah (  huge 4.8 Amp battery) Li-ion battery

3. Adopting imported PC material

4. HD sounds

5. 50 CTCSS and 107 DCS

6. Voice prompt

7. High/Low power adjust

8. Wide/Narrow bandwidth

9. Squelch level adjust

10. All your radios are PC programmed by Peppers  FREE with no extra charge to your allocated frequencies..

11. Channel scan

12. Time-out-timer

13. Low power alarm

Product Features:

1.Using 4800mAh polymer lithium-Ion battery

2.Call effect is clear: HD voice

3.Rugged & Reliable walkie talkie


Peppers Radio Communication is an Authorized JingTong Electronics Canadian 2 Way Radio seller

Peppers Radio Communication Caters to these sectors:

Amateur . Federal , Provincial and Municipal

Public Utilities ( Oil - Gas - Electric - Water )

Public Transportation

Law Enforcement Agencies

Fire Departments

Emergency Medical Services

Disaster Relief Organizations

Security Agencies

Private Utilities

Fleet Management and other Transportation sector

Construction - Farming - Manufacturing

Management of Building and Facilities

Hotels and Motels  and many others .....


Peppers Radio Communication is happy to accept your Visa/MasterCard for payment with a small 4% extra charge.




Product Technique Parameter:


Frequency Range



Number of Channels

16 Channels

Channel Spacing


Working Voltage

DC 7.4V

Battery Capacity

4800mAh  Polymer li-ion battery

Working Temperature

-20°C to +65°C

Frequency Stability

± 2.5ppm

Antenna Impedance



125mm*60mm*38mm Not include antenna

Weight (Net Weight)




 Wide band

 Narrow band

Sensitivity(12dB SINAD)



Adjacent Channel Selectivity






Spurious Response Rejection



Audio Response



SNR (Signal to Noise Radio)



Audio Distortion



Audio output power




Output Power





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