FM Stereo Transmitter

FM Stereo Transmitter
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Output frequency: 76-108MHZ, 100KHZ step, a total of 320 different FM transmission frequencies

Output power: 500mW (0.5W)@88-108MHZ.


Receiving equipment: Ordinary radio, a radio that can receive FM broadcasts can receive the signal emitted by this transmitter well.

Display mode: LCD display, the display content is the current transmission frequency, this transmitter can reach a maximum distance of 2000m ( 2 KILOMETERS) in an open field.

Supply voltage: 5V USB-type-C

Supply current: 500MA

Input signal: audio stereo, 3.5mm interface standard, the input volume should be appropriate.

Note: This transmitter does not support microphone input!

Signal-to-noise ratio: 63db 0.05%THD

Weight: 120grams

Size: 8*4.8*1cm (excluding the protruding part)


1. This transmitter does not support inserting a microphone, so the microphone cannot work
2. Keep the transmitting antenna as far away from the transmitter as possible, because the antenna will emit high-frequency signals to the nearby space. If the antenna is too close to the transmitter, it may interfere with the audio input line, and you will hear buzzing interference on the radio side. It is best to use a 2-3 meter long 50 ohm coaxial cable to connect the antenna and the transmitter to reduce interference to the front end.







Probably the "BEST" ever, FM Stereo Broadcasting TRANSMITTER we've ever sold!

Sound Quality is EXCEPTIONAL....EXCELLENT,,..

FREQUENCY stability is Rock Solid and EXCELLENT...

This 500 milliwatt unit, cover all Asian and North American FM Broadcasting Frequencies...

Extremely easy to use, power, hook-up an antenna and audio source...MUSIC!!!

Powered by a USB CABLE to C-type ( Not included)

Antenna connection requires an SMA MALE type coaxial connector, available seperately...



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