Super Scanner CB BASE Antenna (NEW)

Super Scanner CB BASE Antenna (NEW)
Super Scanner CB BASE Antenna (NEW) Super Scanner CB BASE Antenna (NEW)
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COLLECTORS of CB Base antennas, will be thrilled to own in their collection this Vintage Brand New Antenna System ( in original box )

made by Antenna specialists ( USA) 1970's , the MS-119 Super Scanner CB Antenna.


Rotate the Signal , Not the Antenna


The unique model MS-119 is an Electronic Sector Phased Omni-beam Antenna




Electronic Focus and Signal Rotation - NO ROTOR

The ( SCANNER) electronically focuses your CB power for Maximum Distance, and electronically rotates the focussed Beam at a touch of the control box switch.

No old fashioned mechanical rotor is required and needed .



Most Compact, Sturdiest.

Elements extend less than three feet from the mounting structure. Compare this with the 24 foot by 18 foot wingspread of an ordinary five Element Yagi!

One person can easily install the (SCANNER).

It weighs only 17.5 lbs ( 8.0 Kg ) yet it will withstand over 100 mph ( 161 KMH) winds , 25 % more wind than the ordinary beam array can safely take.


Directional Gain of 8.75dB - 23 dB Front to Back


The scanner has an excellent front to back ratio of 23 dB, with a directional gain of 8.75dB over a standard ground plane.

Instant scanning gives you omni-directional coverage in a split-second, plus a focused beam six times more powerful.


The SCANNER Antenna is controlled from inside your home (shack) with a beautifull three position control box. Way at the top , the (relay box) executes all your  controls.


A word about the (Scanner principle ) taken out of the manual


The scanner is a multi-element directional antenna system especially developped to be electrically rotatable for a full 360 degrees in three 120 degrees steps.

This accomplishes the same results ordinarily requiring mechanical rotation to point the gain pattern in a desired direction.

The system consists of three elements, mounted 120 degrees apart around a circle whose center is a triangular mounting bracket. Coaxial cables of pre-determined fixed lenghts connect each element to a relay switching mechanism.

This switching mechanism is a relay assembly whose function is to switch the cables in such a manner that one element becomes a radiator and the other two become reflectors. This produces the desired results of a beam effect without any mechanical motion.



Instantaneous Scan:

Beam direction responds instantly to the control switch.

You get immediate action in any directions.

Due to this Vintage New Old Stock Antenna from the 1970's found, our COLLECTOR's Price is a FIRM: $1,200.00 PLUS TAXES of 13%

NOTE: All pieces were accounted for, all metal elements cleaned and shined beautifully. All nuts and bolts, coax and U-Bracket are included. Nothing is missing.

The original box has come tape on one end , but in overall good cardboard condition. Any question, should be sent to the ( Contact-Us) in the bottom of the main web page .


PPS: We also have a Brand New Hy-Gain, Original CLR2 Antenna up for grabs mint new .. for Collectors ONLY!

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