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Browning 3 5/8" NMO Mag Chrome Mount with PL-259 end
Browning 3 5/8" NMO Mag Mount with Rubber Boot
Browning NMO Mag Mount with Mini-UHF (Motorola Type) fitting at the end. Comes with a 17 foot of ..
Browning 5" NMO Magnetic Mount
Tram Browning , Model BR-322 - MUHF (Mini-UHF for Motorola Type Mobiles) - Five inch Powerfull Magne..
Browning BR-182 Commercial Dual-Band Mobile Antenna
    Description ..
NMO RAIN CAP (Mount Protection)
NMO Rain Cap by TRAMĀ®. Enjoy the outdoors with the best gadgets and electronics and let them do the ..
TRAM 1115BS Mobile Antenna (Black) Spring Loaded for Motorola Mobiles NMO
Excellent mobile Black Satin finish antenna - Cut to either VHF or UHF Frequencies to match your Mot..
Tram 1121B Pre-Tuned VHF 1/4 wave ( 150-162Mhz) Antenna
TRAM ANTENNA - VHF Radio Commercial Band - Perfect for MURS use - Model # 1121-Black - This is a (Pr..
Tram 1126B Pre-Tuned UHF 1/4 wave ( 410-490Mhz) Antenna
Improve range and amplify a signal with this contemporarily designed Tram Antenna 1121-B. It has..
TRAM 1154 VHF with Mag Mount and CABLE all included!
Features A Genuine Product !   Manufacturer Tram Pr..
TRAM 1159 Wide-Band VHF Mobile Antenna
      ( Are U Looking for the BEST Gain possible on the AMATEUR & M.U..
Tram 1174 UHF Mobile antenna
Tram 1174 NMO 5/8 Wave 3dB High Gain Antenna Mounts on NMO type mount Mount : NMO (not incl..
Tram 1177 UHF Mobile antenna
Manufacturer Tram Product Description 5/8 Wave over a 1/2 Wave for HIGH GAIN  Fre..
TRAM 1180 Amateur (HAM only!)  Dual-Band
Manufacturer  Tram  Model #  1180 Product..
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TRAM 1181 Dual-Band Mobile
TRAM 1181 140MHz-170MHz + 430MHz-470MHz Dual Band NMO Antenna Features -- No tuning -- Unit..
TRAM 1192 Commercial Band Dual-Band GLASS MOUNT
Dual Band UHF/VHF Glass Mount Omnidirectional Antenna with 17' of RG-58/U and ..
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TRAM 1233-Mini-UHF(Motorola)  3 1/4" Black Zinc Gold pin contact with 17' RG-58 Coax
TRAM 1233 " Mini UHF "  Terminal Magnet mount, designed to fit Motorola SM-50 Mobile Two Way ra..
Tram 1267R NMO Mag Mount with a 5 1/2" wide boot base
  Manufacturer Tram Description Magnetic Mount with Rubber..
TRAM 1465 Base Ground Plane Kit - ( UHFType )
Designed to give your NMO Mobile Antenna, a grounded radial plane to be used up on a pole or tower a..
TRAM 1470 Base Ground Plane Kit  - ( N Type )
Description ..
TRAM NMO to SO239 - Adaptor (Screw-On)
Description ..
Tram 1170 UHF Mobile Antenna with cable/PL-259
    Tram 1170 UHF 438-485 MHZ 4.5 DB GAIN   MOBILE ANTENNA KIT &..
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