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Amateur Band 220Mhz Only!
          TYT TH-9000D VHF 220 MHz  60W DTMF WITH 200 C..
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Amateur Dual-Band
Peppers Radio Comunication is proud to sell Jington's Best Dual-Band Amateur Handheld , loaded with ..
Anytone Radio 10 Mtr HAM
Brand NEW in Box -  Anytone AT-6666 10m 25.615-30.105MHz 60W AM/FM/USB/LSB $375.00 Brief s..
BOOK - ARRL  2013 with CD ROM
Clearance Products - Please enquire for more information!
CLEARANCE PORTABLES - Limited stock - All Brand New Products - Some are Dual-Band - Some are VHF or ..
Compact UHF Transceiver ( Digital/Analog) Scrambler Security
 TYT Newest DPMR digital and analog combiled walkie talkie DP-290     ..
Dual-Band Portable Transceivers
Dual-Band Wideband Transceivers
Handheld Portable VHF or UHF
      Product Description Features: Dual bands ( VHF and UHF ) or ( ..
Hunting 2019 Season Two Way Radios in STOCK!
Contact us directly to enquire on communication portables options for your hunting group/party! &..
HUNTING Communication 2 ways
STOCK COUNT:   15  Pieces Left on hand   Our Top of the line -  Excel..
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HUNTING DIGITAL Special Package = 6 DMR Dual-Band + GET a FREE Commercial Charger
STOCK COUNT:    2 Pieces of (  6 radio package digital DMR ) left on hand &nb..
Hunting RADIOS 10W High Power Units (Limited Stock!)
  STOCK COUNT: 8 pieces left! Features: Power selectable from to to high to save yo..
Low power ( 2 Pack) 2w UHF Handheld Radio Kit (SPECIAL)
LAST ONE on SALE!!!!   Baofeng BF-888s plus is the upgraded version of BF-888s Walkie tal..
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MIRAGE B-2516-G VHF HIGH POWER 160 Watts Linear Amplifier
Mirage's most popular amplifier gives you 160 Watts of output power for just 25 W in from your base/..
Mirage B-310-G  VHF 2 Metre Linear Amplifier
Boost your 2 Meter handheld to a powerful 100 Watts mobile/base! Low Noise GaAsFET preamp A built-..
Motorola Commercial/Ham VHF Band Linear Amplifier
   Motorola Bi-Linears , perfect for handhelds , ( see photos ) easy to install wi..
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Rugged Business UHF 16 Channels portables - Perfect for out or indoors
STOCK COUNT:    7 Pieces Left on hand   Brand New from JT - The new ( A-5)..
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SAMCOM FPCN10A 20 Channels Two Way UHF Transceivers
  Product description Product Feature: 20 channels 3000mAh Li-ion battery /..
SWR Watt Meter - Dual Band cover VHF and UHF up to 500 Mhz ..
Imported Workman Watt meter and SWR Meter ( in one unit) Covers VHF and UHF - ALL Ham 2 Meters - ..
TOKYO HY-POWER 144Mhz ALL MODE Power Amplifier
TYT TH-8600 - 25W WaterProof Dual-Band Mini-Mobile
      AUTHORIZED DEALER      ( Peppers Radio Communicati..
Based on 1 reviews.
TYT TH-8600 Dual-Band Transceiver
TH-8600 25Watt - Waterproof - Dual Band Mini Mobile Transceiver The TH-8600 is a powerful du..
UHF TYT TC-3000A HP Transceiver (SPECIAL)
Item number TC-3000A General Frequency Range  ..
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VHF 2 Meters Amateur transceiver
      MAIN FEATURES: CTCSS & DCD CODES Squelch On/Off VOX Func..
VHF Linear Amplifier
      HYS TC-150V Miniature Electronic Radio signal amplifier for the VHF ra..
Waterproof radio plastic case ( fits any handheld radio )
Waterproof Case Bag For Two Way Radio Walkie Talkies ( Fits any radios )   Package ..
WATTS-UP Linear VHF Amplifier (MINI)
Imported from USA estate sale - This is a VHF type linear amplifier built from California USA. ..
Yaesu FT-2980-E 100 WATTS VHF Transceiver
Ham Radio UHF Mobile Radio
  Powered by Opencart Peppers Radio Communication © 2019   TYT - TH-9000 Mobil..
Handheld 16 Channels  10W VHF
        VHF Radio Band  - Portables - Programmable to 16 Channe..
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TYT Business 10 Watts VHF Handheld Portables
Commercial Mobile UHF Transceiver - (400-480Mhz) 16 CH -
      Free Programming is included for your Mobile Radio - Also we keep (On ..
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