Commercial UHF Antenna

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Mobile Quarter Wave to CUT Mobile Vehicule Antenna
~~Mobile Antenna Quarter/Wave NMO type -  Frequency adjusted by cutting lenght ) Cutting chart ..
Mobile UHF Antenna  OEM
      HIGH GAIN OEM UHF - Mobile Radio Antenna  Frequency Range :..
Each packages consist of a tuned Mag Mount Antenna with a 17 foot coaxial cable with a matching mini..
TRAM 1115BS Mobile Antenna (Black) Spring Loaded for Motorola Mobiles NMO
Excellent mobile Black Satin finish antenna - Cut to either VHF or UHF Frequencies to match your Mot..
Tram 1174 UHF Mobile antenna
Tram 1174 NMO 5/8 Wave 3dB High Gain Antenna Mounts on NMO type mount Mount : NMO (not incl..
Tram 1177 UHF Mobile antenna
Manufacturer Tram Product Description 5/8 Wave over a 1/2 Wave for HIGH GAIN  Fre..
UHF High Gain 5/8th over 1/2 wave ( Our OEM Version) Cheaper!
  Frequency: GMRS 460-465MHZ - Premium Coil/Metal Base - 100 Watts - 35 inch - 5.5 dBi Gai..
Tram 1170 UHF Mobile Ant. KIT Complete!!
    Tram 1170 UHF 438-485 MHZ 4.5 DB GAIN   MOBILE ANTENNA KIT &..
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