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CB Amplifier model 200 Watts
    Solid State High Frequency AM-FM-SSB linear Amplifier based on one M1104 P..
CB Amplifier model 300 Watts
    Item Description: Frequency Range: 3-30Mhz Power Supply Voltage:  12-..
CB Amplifier Model 300 Watts Plus (FAN)
  Item Description: Exact model as the BJ-300 BUT This plus model has an automatic Top Co..
CB Anytone At-5555N Programming USB to Radio Cable
Powered by Opencart Peppers Radio Communication 2022   ..
CB Convertor to AM Radio
Peppers Radio is powered by Opencart™ Peppers Radio Communication 2022   ..
CB External Mobile Radio Speaker
8 OHMS NOMINAL 6 WATTS - MAXIMUM 12 WATTS MINI-SIZE SIZE:  10.8cm X 10.8 cm X 6cm /// ..
CB Power Supply DC 12.5V /18 Amps
  I personally used this type of power supply for my CB Base station, which required only 2...
CB Radio Receiver Kit with Antenna Mobile
Vintage CB Radio Receiver Kit, includes the Antenna..   (See Photos...)   Pepp..
CB Wilson Chrome HD HAM SHACK External Speaker
$47.99 $30.00
TUBE 6JE6 / 6LQ6 Tested 100% only $30 each
TUBES: 6JE6 - 6LQ6 ( RF Power Tubes for linear amplifiers in stock!)   These are all used..
TWO Waterproof Transport Bright YELLOW Plastic CASES
    One pair highly visible waterproof radio equipment cases... pick-up for both,onl..
CB Power Supply DC 13.8 Volts - 40 Amps.
  Brand New 40A power supply..   High Current ( voltage adjustable 12.0/15.8VDC))..
$140.00 $100.00
Power Supply CB 13.8 VDC @ 50 Amp.
    With a 50 Amps output/ 600 Watts  , this unit craves to power your hig..
Power Supply 13.8VDC @ 33 Amps.
Yaesu , Anytone , Ranger , All CB Radio = DC 33 Amp switching power supplies with ( Variab..
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