CB Transceivers

SSB Offers More Channels, More Power, More Range

If you’ve been into CB very long, then you probably know what “SSB” means…

For those of you who are new or haven’t yet heard about SSB , it means “ single sideband”. It’s the most efficient way to communicate on the CB Radio Band.


Many serious CB’ers have switched to SSB because it’s more flexible than regular CB (AM) transceivers. Besides offering more channels, more power and greater range capability, it’s even more dependable than an “AM” regular type CB Radio.

This means you can practically count on getting your communication message “through”

Even in large metro area where channel congestion is possible.


Basically, here’s how single sideband works: In an AM transmission, a “carrier” signal is broadcast with a sideband signal on each side of it. Both sidebands carry the same voice information. Imagine yourself as the carrier with two loaded grocery carts (sidebands) one on each side of you, as you try to push them down a supermarket aisle. First, you’ll need a wide aisle and, secondly, you’ll have to divide your strength between the two carts. Now let one cart go and step behind the other. Suddenly you’re using only a third of the aisle, plus you can concentrate all your strength behind the other cart.

In a similar manner, SSB eliminates the carrier and one of the sidebands, putting all its power into the remaining sideband which effectively TRIPLES your power over an AM regular CB signal. That is why, AM CB Transceivers are rated at 4 watts but an SSB transceiver give out triple the power which is over 12 watts PEP (Peak Envelope Power)

Naturally, tripling effective power and narrowing the signal makes SSB transceivers reach out further than the standard AM ones.

Because you can select either the “Upper” or “Lower” sideband, SSB increases the amount of available channels from 40 to 120 channels on a SSB Transceiver.

All SSB Transceivers operate the regular AM and also include the SSB mode, for you to chose talking. Note that AM cannot talk on SSB, you need two SSB transceivers to talk to each others, just like you need two AM ones.

SINGLE SIDEBAND (SSB) is the BEST mode of communication, used by Amateurs Radio Operators and CB Radios operation around the world.

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