How to Pay your Order!


ALL PRICES on this Web Site are listed on a (CASH or INTERACT) Basis. Once purchased , your full payment us due to be remitted within a period of the next 24 Hours. Failure to do so, prohibits the next buyer thus your order will be cancelled . Failure to pay your purchase will also detain you from purchasing again for a 7 day period, to provide other buyers the same proviledge of purchasing an item on sale or not.



We do accept your Visa , Mastercard , Discover and American Express CREDIT cards with a Credit Co. charge of 4.5%




To order using your credit card, complete your order in a normal method on the web site , once complete , send us a note how you wish to pay. We will contact you by telephone to complete the credit payment. Do not put your credit card info on the web... wait until we call you!





Once shipped , you will receive a Canada Post e-mail, with your parcel's tracking updated information direct to your e-mail's inbox!











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